Ensuring your classic car in Florida is more than just getting an insurance policy on your car. In Florida, a vehicle must be 30 years old to get a historic designation. The NEA Insurance Group LLC in Miami, Fl is here to help you with all your automotive insurance needs. Classic cars may be in the old car category, but there are some cars that are considered classics because of special features or popularity!

What makes a car a classic car is not a black and white matter though guidelines are available. The value is not a simple matter either. Determining if it is a classic, and what its value is, is something you will have to talk to an agent about and come to an agreement about.

For instance…

Most people would consider a 57 Chevrolet a classic car. Its fair market value would not be all that high, but it has more intrinsic value because it is a collector’s item and a classic. The cost to repair a damaged ’57 Chevrolet would probably be more than the car would be worth as far as fair market value, though it might be much more valuable to the owner.

Most classics are not driven daily and may be towed to shows and other special events. There may be mileage limitations as well. How much you drive the car would affect your rates. How much you drive the car, and whether you drive it on public highways, has an impact on your rates.

Contact NEA Insurance Group LLC in Miami, FL today and discuss your classic car with us. We can help you determine a fair value for the car and insure it for that amount. Our agents can explain how the policies work and will work with you to find an agreement that works for both sides. While the value must be negotiated, the policy itself includes the normal coverages such as liability, collision, comprehensive, and agreed value.